MUT.GG is looking to add another Forum Moderator or two to the team! We are looking for active members of the forums with a passion for Madden/CFB and the MUT/CFB community. If you fit that description and are interested in helping out, please answer the following questions and send me a direct message:


  • Age:
  • How long have you played Madden/MUT?
  • Why do you want to volunteer to help around the site?
  • What kind of role or tasks would you be best at or enjoy the most?
  • What days and times are you usually available to help?
  • Are you planning on playing College Football, Madden, or both in 25?
  • While this is a volunteer position for the forums, our staff requires Discord to communicate and handle reports. If you do not currently have Discord, would you be able to install and use it? If you already have Discord, please provide your ID:
  • Feel free to provide any other information you think we should know: