Every week on MUT.GG, members who have gone above and beyond in some meaningful way(s) are selected as the site's Member(s) of the Week. The winner(s) of this award receives their choice of any Non-LTD MUT player that can currently be found in packs, or a $25 Xbox/PSN Gift Card, depending on what we have available that week.

How Can I Win?

  • Create helpful threads.
  • Reply to threads and add something to the conversation (do not spam).
  • Help us with missing secondary position chems in our database.
  • Report any bugs or errors you may find.
  • Simply being active and a positive influence in the community goes a long way!
  • Winners will be sent a Direct Message on MUT.GG on Sunday after the winner has been announced. You have up to 24 hours to respond and claim your prize.

Previous Winners

*Members are only able to win MOTW once every 90 days before being eligible to win again.

Will you be next?