What Are GG Points Used For?


  • You can enter Raffles for a chance to win actual players in MUT, MUTGG T-Shirts, HuddleGG Gameplans, Gift Cards, and who knows what else we may put in there in the future? Use your GG Points to purchase as many tickets in a Raffle as you’d like. Each ticket is an extra chance at winning. 
  • Raffles close at 7pm ET every Friday when they are replaced by the following week’s Raffles. Winners are randomly drawn on Friday night and contacted through site DMs by WizzLe or Legend. All MUT items are granted as BND by EA the following week.

Auctions 🆕

  • If you’re someone who prefers a guaranteed prize for the Points you’ve been earning and saving, we have an all-new system for Auctions in our Forums where you can win MUT items, MUTGG T-Shirts, or anything else we decide to put up for auction!


  • Do you enjoy predicting the outcome of different sporting or Madden events? Check out our Predictor section where you can risk GG Points to potentially win even more. We post events from all different sports, including some fun prop-style predictions!

How Can I Earn GG Points?

Griddy 🆕

  • Complete your Daily Griddy for guaranteed GG Points! Once you’ve successfully completed all 9 squares of the Daily Griddy puzzle once per day, you will automatically be rewarded with a random amount ranging from 5-50 GG Points! You can see your reward amount once you’ve finished your puzzle by clicking the bell icon at the top-right of your screen to view notifications.

Binder Sync

  • Sync your MUT Binder on the site once per week for a guaranteed 100 GG Points!

Pack Blitz

  • Complete the Daily Pack Blitz Bonus located in the GG Points section of the site for guaranteed GG Points each day.
  • Once you know the Daily Bonus you’re after, click the link to Pack Blitz and choose the MUT.GG Pack to get started.
  • Open packs, saving cards on your first turn before rerolling any unsaved cards one time to see your final score. Once you have successfully opened a pack and triggered that day’s Daily Bonus, you must SAVE the pack for it to count.
  • After you have saved the pack with the Daily Bonus, go back to the GG Points section of the site to claim your bonus. The “Claim Bonus” button should now be clickable and reward you with a random amount ranging from 5-50 GG Points. You can see your amount by opening your notifications (the bell icon).


  • Join the MUTGG Discord Server, link your account to the site, and chat away. (Do not spam)
  • Every message you send in a MUTGG Discord channel comes with a small chance of winning a random amount ranging from 5-50 GG Points on the MUTGG website.


  • Posting messages in our Forums or in the comments section of a news article or player page gives you a small chance at winning a random amount ranging from 5-50 GG Points every hour! You must be logged into your account to post.

Site Events and Contests

  • Every so often our Staff and/or Mod Team will post special contests that reward GG Points. Keep an eye out in the Forums and Discord to find out when a new event may be coming up!

Twitch 🆕

Where Can I See My Transactions?

If you're logged into your MUTGG account, click the GG Points total at the top of your screen to navigate to the GG Points section. On this page, your full GG Points transaction history is located underneath your Daily Pack Blitz Bonus. You can also navigate to Raffles, Auctions, or Predictor events from here as well.